Friday, October 10, 2014

Fri 10 Oct - Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Hans woke up to a cloudy and overcast day.

Not to worry. Cloudy mornings appear to be a common weather system around San Francisco and they usually seem to burn off later in the day.

A bit of breakfast to start the day and being amazed of how Hunter can twist and turn his body. Is this really comfortable?

Today's agenda for Hans was yet another local walk, from Vineet's place to Sausolito, about 13km.

A large section of the walk comprises of another rail trail, the Mill Valley Sausalito Trail. Hans joined the trail at the 4km mark above and then followed it south all the way into Sausalito.

This trail was not as interesting and scenic as yesterday's trail, Tiberun Peninsula Historic Trail.

Hans can't say he wasn't aware. Vineet had hinted as much and he also said that Sausalito is quite touristy. Vineet was right there too.

Here is a stretch of the Mill Valley Sausalito Trail.

At one stage, the Mill Valley Sausalito Trail passes under US Road 101. Lots of concrete above you here.

The northern parts of Sausalito is yachting, boating etc etc. Marina after marina it seemed. And if not yet another marina, there were maritime businesses supporting the marinas.

Still, there were some beautiful spots and facilities for Hans to drink his thermos tea.

The area around the Sausalito ferry wharf and the water is beautiful albeit touristy with the usual overpriced retail outlets, restaurants and galleries.

Below is the ferry that goes between Sausalito and downtown San Francisco.

One could clearly make out that former penal island Alcatraz from the shore.

There seemed to be something airborne over some part of the bay almost all the time.

Downtown San Francisco from the shore of Sausalito.

A selfie to prove that Hans was actually there in Sausalito.

Hans thought that it would be nice with a coffee and icecream break in Sausalito while the ice cream truck was delivering more supply.

No other punters are purposely included in this photo. That may have been too scary as there seemed to be a tendency for people to eat ice cream who really shouldn't be eating ice cream...

As Hans was fiddling with the camera here, the clown on the bike to the right was cycling past "hands free". Only half of him got caught on camera, but why not include him in the blog anyway?

Close to above was also a very useful and informative sign. It said that the area is earthquake prone, with possible tsunamis as a result, and it that happened, you the punter should seek higher ground... Really?

A few more photos from the Sausalito shoreline.

The sea protection didn't work all that well here.

This was cute. On one of the Sausalito boardwalks were all these white painted small huts, presumably filled with sea accessories.

Hans' return towards home was via Marin County bus number 17. The bus would drop Hans off some 2km from home, but for $2 it was a steal.

The photo below is taken from inside the bus, showing flooding under one of the freeway overpasses. There was a lot more water immediately to the left as well.

At home, Hans had a shower and he just had to include this scary photo of his sunburnt body. OK, that's enough...

It was then time for Hunter's regular late afternoon run and Vineet drove us to an area just north east of Golden Gate Bridge. The water behind Hunter is called Horseshoe Bay.

Sorry, it had to be done...

There were remnants of old defenses on the eastern side of Horseshoe Bay, a very windswept and exposed cliff given water on 3 sides.

When Vineet and Hans returned home, Vineet's friend Carrie had arrived, and after a beer (Lagunitas IPA since you are asking..., very nice) and chat, it was time for a Mexican feast at a local place very appropriately called The Cantina.

There was a short wait for a table, and the way to locate us in the bar when a table became available was via a very tattered individually coloured sombrero. Carrie is demonstrating.

Waiting to tuck in...

As usual, American main meals are massive. As you may be able to see here, Hans had an old favorite, sizzling fajitas.

Back home, Vineet streamed a couple of episodes of a new TV series called "Welcome to Sweden". It is about a New Yorker who moves to Sweden to be with his Swedish girlfriend and the inevitable cultural differences.

Of course, for Hans many of the situations and incidents were totally predictable, like depicting a crayfish party and drinking beers while nude inside a sauna.

Nevertheless, there were a few giggles and a nice round up for a very pleasant day.


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