Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thu 9 Oct - Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Hans slept like a baby overnight. He woke up for perhaps 30 minutes around 2am, but then slept to 7.30am. Perfect, that should take care of any jet lag.

To get the mind and legs moving, Hans went to the local food market for some breakfast groceries before breakfast. One problem though. His 28 Degrees Master Card, pretty much the only credit card we used during our 6 months in the US last year, was declined. Several attempts and no success. Thankfully, Hans carried a second Citibank card which was accepted. Hmm...

Today's plan was to wander locally. So after breakfast, Hans packed up his backpack with water and fruit and was on his way. After all, Vineet was working and Hans shouldn't hang around and disturb him.

Apologies now for lots of photos today, but it was a glorious day and Marin County, or North Bay, is really beautiful. First though, a pic of where Vineet lives, from the street. It is a 2 storey terrace where ground floor is used for other purposes.

OK, Let's throw in a pic of the 2 boys doing a stare down.

This is how Hans walked, over 18km.

A selfie along the way.

From Vineet's place, there is a short walk along a backroad doubling as a bicycle path before you get to the beginning of a railtrail. It is called Tiberun Peninsula Historical Trail and starts here at Blackie's Pasture.

Blackie's Pasture? Yes, it was exactly was it seemed. Once upon a time, a very popular horse, surprisingly named Blackie's, had his pasture here. A life sized monument was raised in Blackie's memory...

...and of course, Blackie is buried in one corner of his former pasture.

Well, what about the Tiberun Peninsula Historical Trail itself?

The trail was brilliant and looked mostly like the below as suburbian rail trail tend to do. Although at times, space permitted, the trail spawned off with additional running trails and the like as per above.

Fast forward to Main Street down by the ferry terminal and the original Tiberun settlement. Yes, as the sign says, this must be one of the shortest Main Streets anywhere.

This is where the commuter ferries to downtown San Francisco depart from and arrive to, the Tiberun Ferry Terminal. There is also an additional ferry route to Angel Island which is very close to here.

Tiberun Ferry Terminal with adjacent buildings and restaurants from Shoreline Park. Hans stopped for a tea break next to those German ladies on the bench to the right. Yes, they were all speaking German.

And there was a Sheriff's speedboat to oversee happenings.

Hans continued his walking east along the Shoreline Park and a bit further. There were some very expensive looking dwellings sticking out over and above the water. Angel Island is here to the right and downtown San Francisco beyond that.

How to make a feature of a rock sticking out of the water and posing a risk to maritime traffic? You make a feature of it, with a wooden bridge to it from shore.

After hanging around Tiberun Ferry Terminal for a while, Hans returned to the Tiberun Peninsula Historical Trail for the walk back.

Hans stopped at this Audubon bird sanctuary at Richardson Bay, a very fine estuary. It is open to the public when the gates are open and you can just wander in.

This building on the grounds of the bird sanctuary was the home of a former local dignitary and is now heritage listed and used for weddings and the like.

On the grounds, there was also a bush trail that took you up to the top of a hill. Here is looking back towards Blackie's Pasture and where Hans walked earlier.

This is from across the bay on the other eastern side of where Vineer lives. Wait, who is that waving in the middle of the picture below?

Yes, it is Vineet. Hans called him to see whether he was home and could come out on the balcony so Hans could see which terrace was his.

Ha, Vineet took a picture of Hans in return.

After that, Hans went back home, but it was now time for Hunter's afternoon outing. So it was out for Hans again. In the car first to up the hill of something called Old St Hilary's Open Space Reserve.

A couple of pics of Hunter with first Vineet...

...and then Hans...

...and then Hunter was gone. Can you find him in the picture below?

Old St Hilary's Open Space Reserve was barren and dry. Not much rain had fallen there lately.

But the views on the other hand were spectacular. Yes, this is Golden Gate Bridge.

Angel Island.

Four jet planes did multiple flyovers over San Francisco Bay, sometimes all 4 in formation and sometimes two and two as per below.

After close to an hour and 3 kilometers walk for Hans and Vineet and a much much longer distance for Hunter, it was time to go home for a well earned rest.

Vineet had a former appointment with his former boss that night so Hans hung at home, ate more of last night's Vineet home made Indian curry and drank Penfold 8. No complaints.

Let's finish off with a sunset picture from Vineet's balcony. Not a bad view...


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