Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sat 11 Oct - Belvedere Tiburon, CA

A chill out day for Hans today given the activities of the last 3+ days. And wasn't it just soooooo nice...

Carrie stayed over night and Vineet went exercise biking for 3 hours in the early morning. One hour warm up before 2 back to back spin classes. Nuts!

Below shows Vineet back in house, making a protein rich egg breakfast while cooling himself down using the open fridge...

Hans woke up pretty early but went back to sleep and didn't have breakfast until around 8am. Nice.

Vineet has been talking about a baby seal swimming up and down just outside his balcony. And while Hans and Vineet were discussing hikes for the following day Sunday, the seal was suddenly visible just outside.

A closer look at the local seal, quickly labeled Sammy the Seal as previously seals had within the Carlen a Family.

Fleet Week was under way in San Francisco and a Blue Angels flight show was scheduled from 3pm. So just after 3pm, Vineet, Hans and Hunter were going back to the hilltops of Tiburon Uplands Nature Reserve to watch that spectacle from up there.

Hunter of course was excited beyond belief as he knew what was coming to him. There would be lots of outside running.

No wonder San Francisco is refered to as Fogtown. The picture speaks for itself and it had been like this more or less every day since Hans arrived.

There were up to 6 different jets doing all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers, but they were mostly some distance away from where we were at Tiburon Uplands Nature Reserve.

Hence, taking any worthwhile pictures were somewhat difficult, but here is at least one.

The natural feature of the Golden Gate Bridge. Always shrouded of clouds.

And who is that guy coming up the hill?

Yes, that was Vineet. It was a pretty hot day and Hunter got very thirsty from all that running around. So, he regularly refueled with water from the bladder inside Vineet's backpack.

After watching the Blue Angels air show for 45 minutes or so, we drove away and went by the local Safeway in Strawberry to get some more food and drink for home.

Safeway had a special on Lagunitas IPA, a dozen bottles for $15 if you were a member which Vineet was. Naturally, Hans just had to invest a few dollars more...

While refreshing himself with cool beer, Hans suddenly got a text from Di in Australia.

Hans 28 Degrees Master Card had been declined during every purchase attempt Hans had made since arriving in the US.

Reason as Di found out after calling them was that there had been multiple fraudulent attempts to buy goods with it within the last 5 days. Attempted purchases up to a total of $4k.

Fortunately, 28 Degrees had detected this unfamiliar spending pattern and had therefore not honored any of those attempts. Looking back to what Hans had used the card for recently, the hack could only come from one single transaction, from when Hans paid for the shuttle ride from San Francisco Airport to Vineet's place.

The reader may recall that Hans did not manage to get hold of Marin Door to Door shuttle bus company when he arrived so he didn't even get to use the $50 he had already spent before leaving Australia.

Given that Hans credit card details had now been compromised, 28 Degrees had cancelled Hans card and it was now worthless.

So this is how Hans Master Card finished its life... He has to get a new card once he is back in Australia.

Hans and Vineet among other things purchased frozen pizza from Safeway and that's what was for dinner. Together with, you guessed it, a couple of Lagunitas IPA. Accompanied by CNN television.

Early night as Vineet wanted an early start the next morning with work and then another early morning exercise class.

Hans had a big hike planned for tomorrow...


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  1. Where was Carrie? Love seeing the boys but we need more photos of her and Rayland.