Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wed 29 Oct-Fri 31 Oct - In the air between US and AUS

Time for Hans to go home... Both physically and mentally. He had sufficiently "done" San Francisco.

Breakfast, packing up and then using the hostel's bag storage facility as Hans plane wouldn't leave San Francisco International Airport until after 5pm.

So what to do to kill time? A lazy stroll down to Mission Bay that's what, as per the below.

Hans walked 7th Street southeast from Market Street with not so much interesting to look at, but he liked this message on the side of a building.

Adobe has their headquarters on 7th Street.

UCSF Mission Bay campus is down there at Mission Bay... Obviously. They had their own very funky light rail Muni station on 3rd Street.

The campus also looked very pleasant. Hans particularly liked this unique park furniture.

There were plenty of vessels further south in San Francisco Bay. An emerald glittering kind of day...

The China Basin Park opposite AT&T Park, the famous baseball ground, is unsurprisingly dedicated to... baseball.

And this is how that China Basin Park looks from a distance. Plenty of plaques and memorials and commemorations.

Hans needed a selfie in front of AT&T Park, just to show that he was actually there.

As Hans arrived back at Market x 3rd Street, he switched off Runkeeper as it was time for a break. A visit to Starbucks and a cuppa while blogging followed.

Then it was back to the hostel for Hans to pick up his bag, BART to the airport, AirTrain to terminal 3 and comprehensive security including no shoes, no belt, spinning x-Ray, patting down and swiping of the hands. However, it all went surprisingly fast and Hans had an hour to kill and wait before boarding for part one to Los Angeles.

A totally uneventful flight to Los Angeles arriving ahead of time which just meant more waiting... Well, that's the end of this particular blog. We leave you with a few pics from the trip home...



Now, where should we go next...?


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