Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thu 16 Oct - Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Di is arriving. ETA 11.30am.

Carrie will come and pick up Hans in the morning and they will then drive to SFO, San Francisco International Airport to get Di.

First though, Hans did a load of washing and hang around home. Here is looking down at Vineets living room from the mezzanine level where he keeps his office. Yes, there is Hunter too.

Di's plane landed 11.11am, almost 20 minutes before scheduled time, but then of course immigration can take a bit of time in the US.

SFO has an interesting concept for friends and family waiting to pick up their loved ones. 5 minutes away by car is a "Cell phone waiting lot". The are even signs for how to drive there from the airport's arrival bay and it is nothing more than an open lot where you can park the car for free while waiting for that "come and get me" phone call. Somehow, we can not see the outrageously expensive Australian airports provide that...

Hans and Carrie did hang there at the "Cell phone parking lot" and suddenly a SMS arrived on Hans' phone. Di was outside just after noon. Yes, she was very happy to see Hans and Hans was very happy to see her. Ahhhhh....

Back in Strawberry on the way to Vineet's place, Di was hungry for lunch and we stopped at In-N-Out for an In-N-Out burger. Welcome to healthy America. Although, the burgers were quite tasty...

Then it was grocery shopping. Safeway is nearby so we stopped there to get ingredients for the next 3 home cooked Di dinners. And a bit more like wine and treats of course.

All cheers and happy faces when we arrived at Vineet's place. A cup of tea and "how have you been" and a shower for Di after the long trip.

A photo of Raylan on the floor while chilling...

A bit later it was time for the boys' daily exercise and yesterday repeated itself with Di as an addition. It was back to Blackie's Pasture.

This is outside Vineet's place away from the water.

We named this "Hunter's Hill" as Vineet gets Hunter to run up and down it many times for exercise. Hunter seems to love it as there are many small birds in the bushes that he can chase.

Another look at the dogs' exercise area. Plenty of space to run around and for Reylan to "catch the ball". Over and over and over again.

Back at the farm some time later... Rest!

And a well earned drink. Time is now around 6pm.

Di is back in her elements, cooking up a storm for us, even after the long flight. Tonight's meal was Chorizo Pasta.

Yum! Hans really missed Di's home cooked meals. Frozen pizzas, microwave TV meals and sandwiches for dinner are not quite cutting it.

Early night, no surprises. Good night Di and welcome to the U.S.


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