Monday, October 6, 2014

Mon 6 Oct - Melbourne, AUS

Two days before Hans leaves for San Francisco and he is keen, very keen...

Hans' bag is sort of packed and as he had more space there than he really needed, he could afford to be a bit generous with his gear. Some extra comfort items in there... And not the most scrupulous of packing either.

Given our relatively short stay in the US this time, we have a plan as follows:

  • Wed 8 Oct - Wed 15 Oct: Belvedere / Tiberun, CA. Hans will fly out to San Francisco by himself and stay with his old study buddy Vineet again, for 8 nights. Observant blog readers from our gap year may recall that we stayed with Vineet in two stages when he lived in Scottsdale, AZ. He has obviously since moved.
  • Thu 16 Oct - Sat 18 Oct: Belvedere / Tiberun, CA. Same as above except that Di will arrive that Thursday and we will both stay with Vineet for a further 3 nights.
  • Sat 18 Oct: Pick up a hire car from downtown San Francisco. We have rented one for 4 nights.
  • Sun 19 Oct - Tue 21 Oct: South Lake Tahoe, CA. We have booked a motel room there for 3 nights.
  • Wed 23 Oct: Return rental car in downtown San Francisco
  • Wed 23 Oct - Sat 25 Oct: Hostel accommodation for both of us on Mason Street, San Fransisco
  • Fri 24 Oct: Full day bus tour to Monterey / Carmel / back through Silicon Valley. All but $15 for both of us was included in the cost of our airline tickets. So why not?
  • Sun 26 Oct: Di goes home. Bye Di. Arrive in Melbourne Tue 28 Oct early morning
  • Sun 26 Oct - Tue 28 Oct: Hans continue to stay by himself at the hostel in downtown San Francisco
  • Wed 29 Oct: Hans goes home too. Arrive in Melbourne Fri 31 Oct early morning

That's the broad plan. Sometimes plans work and sometimes not. Hopefully it will work since we don't have that much time.

And yes, absolutely. We have plenty of more travel plans for the future...

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