Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wed 15 Oct - Belvedere Tiburon, CA

A biking day for Hans... And Di will be on her way to California although it is Thursday in Australia.

Vineet had submitted his mountain bike for service at Mike's Bikes in Marin City, just north of Sausolito and we were picking it up this morning. Hans will then cycle on from there and eventually find his way home to Vineet's place.

A small problem. Mike's Bikes doesn't open until 11am. We guessed 10am but that was wrong. So, after arriving there around 10.20am, we had to hang for a while. A double espresso each from an adjacent diner helped, but it was still a wait.

Eventually, Hans was on his way, and below is how Runkeeper recorded it.

Yes, yet again Runkeeper let Hans down. You may notice that there is a break after 28+ km, and Hans didn't realize the failure until he arrived at Tiburon Wharf.

The section not recorded was along Paradise Drive along the eastern side of the peninsula, perhaps another 12-15km on top of the 34km that Runkeeper tracked.

Sigh! Don't ever rely on Runkeeper to be complete and accurate!

Hans took off north along the Mill Valley Sausolito trail, the same trail Hans walked in the opposite direction last Friday.

The space where the old rail tracks were had only partly been converted to a rail trail and suddenly across this street there is no more. Perhaps they will complete the missing parts one day to make the trail continuous.

Further north is Corte Madera and this bridge for California road 101 crosses Corte Madera Creek.

There is a very small allocation for pedestrians and bikes too as you can see and Hans went across there.

The view is from that bridge shows the old railway bridge, which in its southern extension is the Tiburon Historic Trail that finishes at Tiburon Wharf. In the distance is San Quentin State Prison.

The ferries here at Larkspur Wharf are run by the same company providing services from Tiburon, Green and Gold. Both ferry routes take punters all the way to downtown San Francisco. There is a massive parking lot to the right so the city ferry service must be very popular, presumably by city workers.

"San Quentin, I hate every one of you..." With apologies to Johnny Cash.

Hans obviously recalled that old song as he cycled his way to one of the entrances for San Quentin State Prison.

This bus stop was next to the entrance above. What a depressing sight. Hans visualized prisoners being released, then waiting here for the bus to take them to Oakland or beyond, carrying only a few bags containing all their worldly belongings. Or has Hans seen too many movies...?

And looking back from that bus stop, there was a "baddie bus" parked outside the prison's front gate. You know, with bars covering all the darkened windows.

The "baddie bus" reminded Hans of the movie "The Fugitive" where Harrison Ford's character Dr Richard Kimble gets transported in a similar bus. Yes, Hans must have seen too many movies.

Hans continued his cycling all the way to the last exit before getting onto the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. Last exit before getting onto the bridge takes you to another entrance for San Quentin State Prison. Like here.

There were some good views to be had looking east and onto the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.

Close up of Richmond San Rafael Bridge. It looked good.

At this point, Hans turned around and went back the same way up to a point, where he cycled east to then follow the eastern shore of the Tiburon peninsula south.

Along the way is Paradise Cay, with an impressive marina.

In this part of Paradise Cay you can find the house where Robin Williams lived. Hans didn't cycle down there to investigate further and to find the actual house. It just didn't seem right.

Hans returned to Vineet's place around 3pm after a little less than 4 hour cycling. The total distance of cycling would have been perhaps 40-45km or so.

After a shower and a break, it was time for the dogs' daily exercise routine so off we went in the car to Blackie's Pasture.

Unfortunately, Rayland the Kelpie is a lot less fit than he was when we saw him last year in Arizona. He had also gained some weight and is panting after not very much exercise. A bit sad to see. No such issues with Hunter...

Dinner was Vineet yet again cooking up a protein rich curry / stew. He claims that it is great for him as he is doing so much exercise. He is probably right. He also cooks enough to last up to a week, I.e. a massive amount.

Di is on her way to Sunny California as Hans writes this... Tomorrow you, dear reader, would be able to read about her too. Can't wait, hey?

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